Building For Eternity

12th January 2020
Ben Rowe spoke to us, at the beginning of the new year, on the importance of building on the one foundation, Jesus, and for building carefully with His return in…

Peace – Future

24th November 2019
Stu spoke on how we can rest in what Jesus has done, join with what Jesus is doing and rejoice in what Jesus will do.

Peace – Money

17th November 2019
Stu Gibbs spoke on importance on being thankful relying on God for his provision

Boundaries & Limits

10th November 2019
Ben Lindsay continued our series on peace, touching on the subject of technology and the importance of solitude.


3rd November 2019
Katie Greenway speaks on anxiety and the importance of seeking first Christ's kingdom and his righteousness.


27th October 2019
Ben Rowe speaks on the importance of the sabbath rest.